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Product Standards
1. All products produced and sold by Weishi are produced in accordance with GB national standards and GS standards.
2. Wynns passed the ISO9001:2015 international quality system certification, and strictly operates in accordance with the certification management.
3. Wynns products are made of high-quality high-carbon steel, chromium vanadium steel, S2, chromium molybdenum steel and other advanced materials and environmentally friendly materials to ensure the stability of product quality and performance and the safety and reliability of use.


Dear users, please read the instruction manual and related precautions carefully before using the Wynns tool products you have purchased. Within the normal service life range, during normal use of the product, if the product function is damaged due to the quality of the product itself, the same product can be repaired or replaced free of charge.

Non-guaranteed scope 
1. Non-Wynns brand products may not be recognized as Wynns brand products.
2. The product is damaged or the product cannot be used normally due to abnormal use, such as natural wear and tear, man-made damage, accidents, or misuse that does not follow the product instructions.
3. After the product is used, rust, electroplating peeling, surface scratches, broken plastic handles, and other conditions that do not affect the function of the product.
4. Wear and tear that exceed the service life of the tool product, such as cutting and other vulnerable consumables.


How to repair or replace

1. The damaged single product (not a complete set) that meets the free repair or replacement conditions can be repaired or replaced with the designated sales point of Wynns products for free, or sent directly to our company for repair or replacement.

2. Free repair or replacement should follow the principle of repair first and replace later.

3. For products that are not repaired free of charge, designated dealers can provide repair services with paid replacement parts.

Please select appropriate tools and use them normally to avoid injury to you. Please always pay attention to work safety. 

Right of interpretation

 The final interpretation right of the above terms belongs to Foshan Wynns Tool  Co., Ltd.


wynns tool
wynns tool

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